Basso: A sweet deal?

June 15, 2007

TDF Blog reports that Ivan Basso received the “maximum” suspension for his almost doping. Two years. The UCI asked for the two year ban as part of it’s hard line against cheats.

Let’s look at the hard time for a minute. First, Doesn’t the UCI run the ProTour? Isn’t the ProTour policy 4 years? Two years no racing at all and then another two years off the ProTour? Hmmm.

Also when is two years not two years. The AP is reporting that Basso is getting credit for serving 8 months of his suspension since CSC suspended it’s rider right at the start of the Tour de France. Uh, didn’t Basso sign and ride with Discovery? Wasn’t most of the suspension period during the winter months when there were no races to ride? Am I wrong? Is there something wrong here?


Basso seen here while serving his suspension.


A tale of two riders

June 15, 2007

Mt. Ventoux has always forced a selection when included in the Tour de France. I believe it has forced a selection of a different sort without even being part of the 2007 course.

Teams are looking very closely at riders who are “on the bubble” for the final selection of their respective Tour squads. In a previous post, I worried about the fates of American riders making their teams. Watching the Dauphine Libere, I saw two ride CSC heading in different directions.

Watching Bobby Julich in the grupetto caused me to feel that he may be riding off the tour squad. I hope I am wrong as he can add some leadership to the squad. At the other end of the peloton, Dave Zabriskie showed more maturity as an all around rider. I believe this is important for him to progress from time trial specialist to a more valuable rider. Dave Z. may have ridden onto the squad.