American riders a rare sight at this year’s tour?

Levi Leipheimer is having a good year and barring a disaster in the Dauphine Libere he will lead the Discovery Channel team at this year’s Tour de France.  In addition, George Hincape will also be there to help his team captain.  After that, how many Americans will be wearing team kits in London on July 7th?

Tom Danielson has had a poor season and just dropped out of the Dauphine Libere with a stomach problem.  That virus may have also cost him a Tour spot as Discovery has a strong team.

Also facing the dynamics of a strong team are CSC Americans Bobby Julich and Dave Zabrickie.  Bobby has had a quiet season and may need a good showing at the Dauphine to make the squad.  Dave Z’s good showing at the Giro may help his chances but do you need two time trialists?  Fabian Cancellara can win the TT but is also a better all around rider.  With Fabian, Stuart O’Grady, JJ Haedo, Frank and Andy Schleck, Jens Voight, Carlos Sastre most likely on the roster, there is not much room left for the three Americans on CSC. Christian Vande Velde being the third. 

T-Mobile’s Michael Barry may not get the nod even though fellow American Bob Stapleton is putting the roster together.

Possible the best chance is in Predictor-Lotto where Chris Horner and Fred Rodriguez have been solid helpers to Cadel Evans and Robbie McEwen respectivley.

Will the desire to put some American faces in the Tour de France to attract American viewers be enough to sway some Directors during these next few weeks?  Who knows.


3 Responses to American riders a rare sight at this year’s tour?

  1. Frank says:

    Barry’s actually Canadian (not that there’s anything wrong with that). He’s also recovering from pneumonia, so I think his chances are slim (

    For CSC, I don’t see Andy Schleck doing back-to-back grand tours at 22 (as of yesterday), and I’ll be a little surprised if Haedo makes his first GT start at the Tour. If I were running the team, I’d probably go with:

    F. Schleck
    Inigo Cuesta/Christian Vande Velde/Nicki Sorensen

    I can’t think of a lot of other Americans racing at this level — there’s Aaron Olson at Saunier Duval, and he’s not on their Tour squad. Danielson, of course. Saul Raisin might have been closing on Tour-ready if not for his accident.

    Last year:
    Hincapie – check
    Horner – check
    Julich – check
    Landis – asterisk
    Leipheimer – check
    Rodriguez – check
    Vande Velde – maybe
    Zabriskie – check

  2. pelotonjim says:

    Good catch on the Canadian. In my haste to get the post, my memory slipped. But, I found a loophole, remember I said American. Dede is also a US citizen so the Barry children are/will be as well. A loophole? Yes but I’ll hide behind it. I did know about the pneumonia having just hung out with the team during their Phila stay so I just added him as an afterthought.
    I think you may see Andy as a domestique to give him a taste of the tour. If he starts, I don’t expect him to finish.
    I would not be surprised to see Julich and/or Zabriske left off this year’s roster.

  3. […] who are “on the bubble” for the final selection of their respective Tour squads. In a previous post, I worried about the fates of American riders making their teams. Watching the Dauphine Libere, I […]

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