Covers pulled off T-Mobile

In recent days, a lot has been revealed about the “old” T-Mobile.  Allegations of widespread doping coordinated by the team and administered by the team doctors.  Up until now, the “new” T-Mobile has remained relatively unscathed.  Bob Stapleton’s clean program continues to stand tall.

Now, a small chink in the armor is exposed.  Current Director Rolf Aldag, who straddles the “old” and “new,” is calling a press confrence to admit he participated in the T-Mobile doping program while a rider. 

As of now, Bob Stapleton is sticking behind his Director.

“I think that Rolf is very committed and very much supports what we are doing now. He simply had a moment of weakness and now we have to see that we all come out of it and continue on with him.”

I’m not sure how long sponsor T-Mobile will continue to stand by cycling.  With a recent change in CEO along with tough financial times ahead for the telecommunications company, reports are circling that all forms of sponsorship are being examined.  Not a good time to have all this bad news come out.


4 Responses to Covers pulled off T-Mobile

  1. Ed says:

    Jim, what is the cost to a single sponsor of funding a top-drawer cycle team?

  2. pelotonjim says:

    Ed. A top sponsor spends about 10 million dollars.

  3. Frank says:

    Between Zabel and Aldag yesterday – and Riis today – – there really can be little doubt about Ullrich in 1997 now. Ullrich may never admit it but the world will consider him dirty now. Between the 9 blood bags with his DNA from Puerto and these two stories no one will ever believe he was clean in 1997 or at any other point after that. Cycling legends are just falling right and left. Zabel is still the one that surprised me though. I never would have guessed Eric Z doped. Aldag and Ullrich were not a surprise, and Mr 60% was not a surprise at all. Floyd’s trail will end / conclude in July and that will be just one more nail in cycling’s appearance.

  4. […] admission by Eric Zabel and Rolf Aldag that they doped (Swap Blog post here and Peleton Jim’s post here). Both were support / fellow riders on the Telecom team that guided Riis to his 1996 win and Jan […]

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