Covers pulled off T-Mobile

May 24, 2007

In recent days, a lot has been revealed about the “old” T-Mobile.  Allegations of widespread doping coordinated by the team and administered by the team doctors.  Up until now, the “new” T-Mobile has remained relatively unscathed.  Bob Stapleton’s clean program continues to stand tall.

Now, a small chink in the armor is exposed.  Current Director Rolf Aldag, who straddles the “old” and “new,” is calling a press confrence to admit he participated in the T-Mobile doping program while a rider. 

As of now, Bob Stapleton is sticking behind his Director.

“I think that Rolf is very committed and very much supports what we are doing now. He simply had a moment of weakness and now we have to see that we all come out of it and continue on with him.”

I’m not sure how long sponsor T-Mobile will continue to stand by cycling.  With a recent change in CEO along with tough financial times ahead for the telecommunications company, reports are circling that all forms of sponsorship are being examined.  Not a good time to have all this bad news come out.