Psst…… Over here.

Locked out of the Floyd Landis trial? Don’t know what to do with your weekend? Well, there is more web watching that can be done regarding our sport. Turn your attention from California to Italy. The Giro d’Italia is in my opinion the best stage race in the world bar none. This weekend has the riders heading up the center of Italy on a collision course with the Dolomites.

Both today’s stage (Seven) and tomorrow’s (Eight) offer a little for everyone. The route organizers chose this route that give hope to breakaway specialists and make the sprinters work hard if they want to win.

The route hugs Apennines guaranteeing that the road will be either going up or down all day long. Look for Tinkoff to light things up again. As the Dolomites loom large a few stages down the road, teams like Milram will be desperate for a win before Petacchi’s allergies (mountains) kicks in. I predict a late catch of a break that contains Pavel Brutt to wear down the pure sprinter’s trains allowing a veteran rider like Bettini to escape the confusion in the final meters for the win.

So, point your browser away from Courtroom Connect and over to to remember why we are so in love with this sport.


3 Responses to Psst…… Over here.

  1. Ed says:

    I caught the final 50K of a Giro stage this weekend, and my positive outlook for cycling has been reborn. There were plenty of familiar guys to watch and be a fan of. If Floyd, Basso, Hamilton, etc. get canned, so what? The sport is bigger than all of them and there are plenty of worthy, interesting, clean riders to watch. I’ve gotten too caught up in the drama of OP to keep sight of the big picture…the Giro is still exciting to watch without those guys, and the TDF is around the corner.

    Go Tinkoff!!!

    p.s. What happened to Robbie McEwen? He almost got dropped on time %. Was it that the breakaway finished so far ahead or is he in uncharacteristic trouble?

  2. D says:

    I am a fairly recent fan of cycling, and you would think that I would be fed up by now because of the constant uproar over doping, but no. It is too interesting and beautiful a sport to give up on, despite the constant hysteria.

    All interested parties must all start insisting that WADA et al. behave in a professional manner and lose this appearance of wanting to destroy athletes and sports rather than regulate them. Dick Pound may love the sound of his own braying, but half the reason I support Floyd Landis is the very obvious bias against him, expressed so vociferously from the very start by people who should have been intent upon a sober investigation of the facts, not in writing off on a foregone conclusion in order to appear tough on doping.

    Now I ‘m off to see how today’s Giro stage went.

  3. pelotonjim says:

    Robbie missed the early break and since his race plan had him dropping out after today’s stage, he clearly decided that busting a gut to get back on in order to race one more day was not worth it. It looked he had a nice ride to the finish driven only by the flight schedule to Belgium.

    “D” spot on!

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