I have purposefully stayed away from commenting on the Trial of the Century. I can’t add any value to the unbelievable coverage at Trust but Verify. Commentary is also flawlessly done at Rant your Head Off.

But I have to say that after yesterday’s testimony, I am in a deep funk. Watching this circus is just surreal. The only conclusions one can draw is one or more of the following:

1) Greg Lemond will do or say anything to discredit another American cyclist.

2) The USADA is not above character assassination in their “win at all costs” mode. “He might have almost admitted something in a phone call?” submitted as evidence? Come on!

3) Floyd may have done something wrong (even if it is only his choice in a friend/manager)

I’m sold on the first two and have put my chips on Floyd.  I’m leaving them there for whatever it’s worth to you readers.

Why anyone would tune into this sport right now is beyond me. Is the cure killing the host?


3 Responses to Bummed

  1. Daniel M says:


    I’m bumming on what happened yesterday, too. I’d love to be a good ambassador for the sport, but with events like yesterday, well, it’s hard to get anyone fired up about the pros. Riding a bike is always fun, and my lunch-time ride was a great restorative.

    – Rant

  2. Ed says:

    Yeah, I think LeMond has an axe or two to grind…probably having to do with resentment that first Lance and now Floyd are getting the notoriety that he thinks he deserved as a great American cyclist. Also, why in the world would Greg tell Floyd about his traumatic childhood? That seems kind of creepy and suspicious. I mean they weren’t great friends were they?

    This doesn’t look good for Floyd, threatening Greg, but the case is still pending on Floyd and I’ll remain hopefull that he’s clean. Although at this point, will anybody believe it?

    Hell, maybe I’ll pull for Tinkoff and the ruskies this year.

  3. pelotonjim says:

    I’m with you Ed, If that was a secret I kept, I would not tell it during my first interaction with someone who was calling me about negative things I was saying about him in public.

    He has become a very odd man.

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