Basso admits involvement. Valverde next up.

Did you order the Code Red?

I did the job I…


You’re goddamn right I did!

News agencies are falling all over themselves to reprint published reports that the quiet Italian has come clean (pun intended) and confessed to being involved with Operation Puerto. In a moment that I am sure was straight our of A Few Good Men, Basso admitted his involvement in Operation Puerto to the anti doping prosecutor, Ettore Torri. No reports on any type of deal that may have been struck since the bags of blood reportedly contained no EPO. Stay tuned.

With Basso out of the picture, the new Top Dog of cycling, Alejandro Valverde, is already feeling the heat. Originally, Valverde was tangentially implicated in records that were pretty far back in Dr. Fuentes records. Now, it seems that some bags of blood may be linked to “The Green Bullet” and those bags are reported to contain EPO. It remains to be seen if the man once called Invincible can beat this one.

Where does that leave us? Well cycling takes another one on the chin. Cut, bleeding, and staggering, cycling is struggling to get out of this round. With the admission of cycling’s poster boy and all around good guy, Basso, public perception may move to paint all cyclists with the same brush. Cyclists like Floyd Landis may find a “Trow da Bums Out” sentiment and a unwillingness to listen to what may actually be a valid case.


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