New Kid on the Block

April 13, 2007

Has this ever happened to you? On the first cool fall day, you pull out a pair of jeans that you have not worn in months. You put them on and straighten out the pockets by putting your hands into them. In one of those pockets, you feel something so you pull it out. In your hands is a long-forgotten $20 bill. Remember that feeling? A little unexpected find can make your day.

That’s waht happened yesterday. I was about to leave for the airport when my wife came home. She started off by saying that “I’m sure you already know about this but…” Normally, I do. I thank her for thinking of me and continue with my day. This time was different. She presented me with a new cycling magazine Road Bike Action Magazine. The premiere of a US based magazine dedicated to professional cycling.

The premiere issue has some standard yet interesting content. An interview with Lance Armstrong (If your US based, you have to have this), a review of 5 top bikes, A brief preview of the US circuit, and training tips. It also has Bob Roll as one of the contributors writing on 17 ways to lose the Tour.

All in all, it was well written and an interesting read. They seem to be positioning themselves between Bicycling (the “Cosmo” of cycling magazines) and VeloNews (The NYTimes? of US cycling magazines). I’m not sure how much content sits in this in between zone.

Some things they should consider. First, drop the ‘Action’ from the title. Sounds like a comic book. Second, add some reporting to the feature articles/interviews. How’s the US scene, how is the European scene?

I plan to watch this as it matures and finds it’s own rhythm.