“New and improved” T-Mobile notches big win

In today’s Gent-Wevelgem, T-Mobile took the first two spots on the podium.  Magnus Burghardt escaped from the break to cross the line in first place with Roger Hammond pipping Oscar Freire at the line.

The finale of this race shows why cycling is a team sport.  With the numbers advantage, T-Mobile attacked forcing Freiere to chase.  Hammond caught a free ride and prepared to counter his team mate should he get caught.  That was not to be as Burghardt proved too strong.

As the riders approached the finish, the wind showed that it is, as usual, a big factor in the race.  The Quick Step team buried themselves trying to get Boonen in the decisive break but the gap while just a couple of hundred meters seemed to be miles across.

I am reminded of 2002 when none other than Mario Cippollini pounced across a forming break to join the likes of Fred Rodriguez and George Hincapie.  Robbie Hunter tried to follow Cippollini but could not hang on in the stiff wind.  I love this week!

Good for T-Mobile as they prove that they can make a statement and win races.


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