Tour of Georgia secures new title sponsor

Yesterday, the Tour of Georgia announced that the race has secured a new title sponsor, AT&T.  The race which has been carried by the State of Grorgia since losing Ford as it’s sponsor after the 2006 edition.  The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) has shown real commitment to the sport of cycling by keeping race going until AT&T stepped in and averted a financial crisis.

AT&T has a great vehicle for good public relations.  Having acquired Atlanta-based Bell South and Cingular wireless and changed them both to the AT&T logo, the new Ma Bell should generate some great publicity over the 7 stage race through beautiful Georgia countryside.


2 Responses to Tour of Georgia secures new title sponsor

  1. Ed says:

    Is the course the same every year? I am from Carrollton, Georgia and they stopped there for a night two years ago…very cool! I’ll have to get over there from B’ham this year.

  2. Debby says:

    So glad to hear that! It is scary how many races the sponsors are dropping. Did you see the U.S. Cycling Championships on Saturday? What did you think?

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