Hook, line, and sinker

I always thought I was a hard get.  Maybe my wife and friends are not good at getting.  This time, I was gotten big time.  I had a choice.  Delete the post and pretend it never happened, or come clean. 

I scanned the headlines this morning and saw the TDF prologue story in Cyclingnews.  I didn’t realize it was from yesterday and under the banner “Special Edition, April 1, 2007.”  I reacted as though it was another reenactment of War of the Worlds.

Instead, I decided to come clean and say, “You got me!”

Now, I need to plan my revenge.


2 Responses to Hook, line, and sinker

  1. Debby says:

    Ah, good, you *were* joking. But if I see “LNDD shut down by WADA” any time soon, I’m going to have to go to TBV to make sure you aren’t getting your revenge…

  2. pelotonjim says:

    Good idea. Thanks:)

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