L’Equipe reports on champion with high synthetic testosterone

Did I just wake up from hibernation and just read about Floyd? Nope. The world of swimming is beginning to get a little of the attention usually reserved for cycling. Call it dipping their toe in the water.

L’Equipe is reporting that retired Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe failed a drug test in 2006. This test showed “abnormally high” testosterone readings. Also shown were high readings of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) which stimulates godatropin production which in males is testosterone. Also found are traces of synthetic testosterone. L’Equipe is calling into doubt Thorpe’s five Olympic gold medals, eleven World Championship titles, and setting of twenty-three world records.

What the paper brushes off is that the Australian Anti-Doping Authority looked at the evidence and threw out the case saying the tests were not conclusive. The international authorities are petitioning the CAS to re-open the case.

Doing our part, we have prepared some quotes for Dick Pound.

“Wow, five Olympic medals and twenty three world records, he must have been riding a goddamn jet-ski!”

“With all that testosterone and LH in his body, he must have been violating every virgin within 100 laps.”

Ian, you should give Floyd a call. I’m sure he will welcome you to hell. Bad enough that this past week saw most of your records broken, now you need to endure this. For all of you, forgive me if I don’t readily jump on a story broken by L’Equipe.


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