Bad luck finds George again

When I saw the crash, I knew something bad had happened. The way George was sitting and rocking was so reminiscent of Paris-Roubaix last year. Today, Discovery Channel confirmed that big George broke his wrist in the crash on Stage six of the Tour of California. The injury puts him out of competition for the classics yet again.

For a man destined to put his name up there with cycling’s immortals, George seems to have angered the cycling gods in some way.

That along with sitting forever in Atlanta’s airport has me in a mood. So when I saw this photo of Pat McQuaid at the Tour of California, trying to rally the Directors of cycling’s elite teams to save his ProTour, I just had to put it out there for you to add your own caption. I wish I had a prize to give the best caption but give it your best shot.



2 Responses to Bad luck finds George again

  1. Ed says:

    “Got any 4’s?”

  2. pelotonjim says:

    If they are playing cards, it looks like Bjarne is cheating by looking at the cards of the man to his right

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