Why this is all important

You probably have heard all the commotion surrounding the degradation of the WADA’s case regarding Floyd Landis. Currently in the online newspaper Sportingo.com, there is a great summary of the current situation by Daniel a.k.a Rant Your Head Off.

To some, this might seem the be all end all in technicalities. So two people were involved in both tests. How bad can that be? If they were good enough to do the first test, their work should be good enough for the second test. Well, there is a reason for the protocols keeping the two testers apart and the testee anonymous.

I tried to outline why this is critical enough to throw out a case when this protocol is violated. what do you think?


3 Responses to Why this is all important

  1. Daniel M says:


    I remember reading your Protocols are Important post way back in September. My wife (a psychologist) and I have talked about experimental design and bias many times. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this post and the original.

    – Daniel a/k/a Rant

  2. Ed says:

    Daniel, you are correct sir. I manage an electron microscopy lab and every step of every experimental protocol is written for a good reason and ANY deviation from that protocol is grounds to throw out the entire experiment. Bad experimental procedure yeilds bad science.

    And you can’t take the TdF away from a guy based on bad science.

  3. Debby says:

    Great post. It’s similar to some people saying the glass is half full, and others saying it is half empty. 🙂

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