TOC Update

I know the Tour of California wants to be the mini-stage equivalent to the Tour de France but aren’t there better ways? What I mean is the first third of the race did bring back memories of the Tour de France. All bad.

Both tours put all the fireworks at the back half of the race. That leaves several stages marked by breakaways that get caught, bunch sprints and crashes. Finally, yesterday produced a little excitement. Jens Voight picked up where his 2006 left off by attacking from the outset. This man must have a severe case of peloton claustrophobia! He is always trying to break free. It was refreshing to see the race leader Levi Leipheimer play offense by putting the jersey on the line and attacking. Rounding out the all-star trio was Chris Horner showing why the US is still his domain. Some quick observations:

  • It was good to see hard work pay off with a stage win. Jens Voight survived two breaks to take the final sprint. I love his retro style of racing. No intricate tactics in this man.
  • It was interesting to see the peloton shots with CSC riders chatting it up with former teammate Ivan Basso. There didn’t see to be any bad blood.
  • The angel is back!
  • Floyd provided great insight into the race and Levi’s chances. Thank you God. Bicycle talk during a bicycle race. Who would of thought?
  • Levi is proving he is the strongest. The crash ruling is but a distant memory.
  • We are set up for an exciting finale to the TOC and start to the 2007 season.
  • Still getting used to the Predictor logo. My metaphorical mind plays too many tricks with a test kit as a sponsor.
  • VS. seems to be playing it straight with Floyd Landis. I was worried about Phil given past comments about other riders. I was never worried about Bob.
  • Can’t get used to VS vs. OLN sorry guys, bad call.

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