An even deeper mystery

If you have been hanging around here, you know I’ve been posting on the ongoing war between the UCI and the Grand Tours.  I’ve also put out there that when money and power are involved, nothing is out of the realm of possibility. Well, things got a little darker and a little jucier.

It has been clear that the Grand Tours are doing everything in their power to keep the UCI out of the race organizing business and into the less lucrative “governing body” business.  The Grand Tours do not like the ProTour since it encroaches on their ability to make money by putting on races and selling that spectacle to the highest TV bidder.

If you are with me so far, I want to enter another fact into evidence.  The most dangerous animal is one that is cornered or injured. It may be that the UCI is such an animal.

After reading the latest post from Martin Dugard, I’ve been thinking.  Is what he put out there possible? What about probable?  I consider Mr. Dugard in a different league than your normal blogger.  Mr. Dugard, as an accomplished author, is held to a higher standard than the rest of us.  Whereas the run of the mill blogger may have a run of the mouth blog, Mr. Dugard would not put something out there without at least a significant amount of certantity.

Mr. Dugard asserts that the wounded animal UCI may have laid a trap for the top Grand Tour dog, the ASO.  Could they be using both Floyd Landis and Operation Puerto to discredit the ASO and by extension the Grand Tours? To quote Mr. Dugard:

The news could never really come out until now, because nothing has been substantiated, but back then a lot of insiders in the press insisted off-the-record that Landis’s positive tests (which have proven to be suspect) and even the Operacion Puerto investigation, were an attempt by the UCI to discredit the Tour and exert its influence to make its own ProTour the hallmark events in cycling. In essence, Landis is a pawn in somebody’s else pissing contest.

It could be my mindset as I’ve recently ended my biography run and am now reading David Baldacci’s latest book.  I have to say, this story is too plausible to ignore. At the very least, this smoke is more than a puff behind a grassy knoll.  There may be some fire here.


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