In life, it all depends

February 17, 2007

If an athlete is caught with an illegal performance advantage and all signs point to a mistake made by a member of the team then what happens to the athlete?

If you are a cyclist, tough luck, you are suspended. If you are Jeff Gordon, you get a pass. That’s what happened to Hollywood Jeff when it was found out that his car was illegally modified when he won at Monte Carlo. His punishment? He was not stripped of his win, he was just asked to start at the back for Daytona.

When told of his “altered” car, Jeff replied:

“Are you serious? That sucks. I’m mad about that right now.”

OK, an altered car is different than performance enhancing drugs in a cyclist’s body. Then, what about Michael Waltrip. He had an illegal substance in his gas line. His punishment? He was docked 100 driver points and he can’t race at Daytona which is in essence a one week suspension. Here is the interesting part, his crew chief and team director were suspended indefinitely.

The director suspended? Interesting concept.