How much is to too much?

February 10, 2007

After following a link from Trust but Verify to a post about Floyd Landis at The Right Rant, I saw a post regarding a proposed ban on electronic devices in the State of New York.

I started thinking about when we should be protected from ourselves? Here’s my dilemma. I think helmet use should be mandatory. Period. This is my one soapbox. Otherwise, my kids have heard me say “Live and let live” about a thousand times when we see someone participating in a potentially dangerous activity.

Well, now a legislator in the Empire State wants to ban people, including runners and cyclists from listening to iPods during their workout. Too dangerous they say. I see quite a few cyclists wearing the all too familiar white earbuds while riding. I prefer to bask in the solitude riding affords and lose myself in my own thoughts. Who is more distracted, them or me?

When do we stop trying to save us from ourselves? I think we should pull back a bit and live and let live.

While wearing a helmet of course.