Broadband Racer interview with Ivan Basso

The video site, Broadband racer sat down with one of the newest members of Discovery Channel cycling team for a brief interview.

Discussion topics included comparing the two big Directors in his career, working with Levi Leipheimer, and his plan to ride both the Giro and the Tour. Obviously missing is Operation Puerto.

Ivan provides pretty good rationale for riding the Giro since he has not raced in 7 months, he needs a long hard race in his legs prior to the Tour. Does that mean he will ride to train or to win? I guess we will have to stay tuned.


One Response to Broadband Racer interview with Ivan Basso

  1. Ben says:

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the mentions in your blog. Much appreciated. I wanted to drop you a line to explain our rationale in not getting into “Operation Puerto” and doping in general. We have found that bringing the subject up yeilds two things. 1. An evasive answer that has been prepared in advance by their lawyers and 2. the mood of an interview totally ruined. We have decided that as a racing site we want to talk racing first and formost with these athletes. The only way to protect that goal, and ensure we continue to have great acess for our audience, has been to leave the doping coverage to our TBR Race Report. We fully understand this is a journalistic sacrafice, but it is one we have decided to make in order to get compelling racing interviews from these cyclists. Check out our Levi interview, posting soon. We asked him about his reaction to the siging of Basso and how it changes his Tour plans, a subject he has not talked about much until now.

    Thanks again for the mentions and interest.

    Best Regards,

    Ben Edwards

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