Landis Officially Out of the 2007 Tour de France

As part of a negotiated settlement with the AFLD, Floyd Landis has agreed that he will not take part in the next addition of the Tour de France. The AFLD agreed to delay their hearings until after the USADA completes its process.

I guess from my point of view all the way up in the cheap seats, Floyd did not give up all that much. The USADA hearings are still a long way away. The loser of that round will certainly go the the CAS for a final decision. This guarantees that the process will not be over when the Tour starts in London this July.

In addition to the internal process to clear Floyd’s name take the pronouncements by the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone and the ASO to keep certain riders out of the Tour. You have to sit and think how many legal actions can Floyd afford and handle at one time? I think he is doing the right thing by focusing on a clear name, regardless of how unjust that may be.

In related news, Floyd has had a chance for a small victory in the prep for the upcoming USADA trial. If you remember, Floyd asked the USADA for documents related to his case. To quote the Trust but Verify site, the response was “No documents for you!” The USADA shunned the principles on which this country was founded and hid behind the WADA rules. Basically, we want to win, we don’t care about justice.

Now, the USADA asked Floyd for permission to test the five other ‘B’ samples taken at the Tour de France. The USADA wants to use IRMS testing to look for exogenous testosterone in the samples taken at various points during the Tour.

This gave Floyd the chance to say; “No pee for you!”

Sorry to TBV.


3 Responses to Landis Officially Out of the 2007 Tour de France

  1. Debby says:

    As a fellow member of the cheap seat section, my view is the same. FL didn’t give up that much. Let’s hope that he gets much in return ie time, less distraction, etc.

    Suitcase of Courage and I went to the FFF event last night. Unless I misunderstood, I think that they are expecting some new documents shortly that they have not had access to previously from USADA.

  2. pelotonjim says:

    How did the event go? If you hear of Floyd being in the greater NYC area, let me know as I’m local also.


  3. Chris says:

    Last night’s FFF event was in Brooklyn – almost 2hrs away for us, but WELL worth the trip! I did a little write up on it. Hope he comes back this way soon!

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