Team ?

Talk about an identity crisis. The team puts all that work into becoming a ProTour team taking the spot vacated by Phonak for what? Well, first, they get caught in the middle of a squabble between the UCI and the Grand Tours. The grand Tours only want to allow 18 Protour teams in this year and Unibet holds the 19th license.

Well, the only way they can put things like this out of their mind is to race. So race they will. Uh, well, there is another small problem. It seems French law prohibits advertising betting institutions. therefore, the team was told they could not race the traditional season opener, GP d’Ouverture La Marseillaise yesterday.

Thank goodness some last minute negotiations allowed the boys to race. Race they did with Jeremy Hunt taking the race.  Not good for the sponsor but they are making their point.



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