Lefevre takes shoe from mouth and puts on other foot

January 27, 2007

An indignant Patrick Lefevre held a press conference where he blasted the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws for irresponsible journalism.  As quoted in Cyclingnews

“The way I have been tackled is inconceivable. A newspaper – worthy of that name – would never use such methods.”

Trial by media must really stink when you are the one on trial.  I’m sure that in Lefevre’s mind, this situation is different than the L’Equippe article on Lance Armstrong’s alleged doping.  Even when that article  led to an independent investigation clearing Armstrong, Lefevre said “The last clean winner of the Tour de France was Jan Ullrich in 1997.”

So, Patrick.  How does it feel to be on the other side of a media frenzy?