Here is a twist, WADA thinks UK too strict

Apparently, the UK anti doping policy is too strict by even Dick Pound’s standards.  The UK has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to doping.  When they say zero tolerance, they mean –273 degrees Farenheit.

The UK policy extends to the random testing.  In most places, if you are not home when the doping police come calling, they give you a call on your mobile phone and tell you to get back right now.  To the UK, that is unacceptable.  If you are not there, you are done.

Take the case of track star, Christine Ohuruogu.  She went to her normal workout spot which was being used by a local school.  So she went down the road to train.  The anti-doping police showed up to where she was supposed to be, found her not there and suspended her for 12 months.

Dick Pound in defending Christine said;  “I think you have to make a reasonable effort to find the athlete. A tester can’t just sit at the bus stop and hope an athlete walks by.”

So Dick wants the rule changed whereby the authorities need to make a ‘reasonable’ effort to find the athlete for an out of competition test. 

The UK responded;  “Our view is that if you give notice you give an opportunity for manipulation. But if the WADA Code changes to require it, we shall fall into line.”


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