Take me now, I’ve heard it all.

January 25, 2007

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 I thought something like this would come from Mario Cipollini, but it actually comes from the world of soccer.  AC Milan player Marco Borriello tested positive for cortisone recently.  Like many Italian athletes, there is one thing he loves more than soccer.  That is Amore’.

Marco explains that he has identified the source of his positive test.  His cortisone was supplied by his girlfriend Belen Rodriguez.  Supplied may not capture the essence of the mistake.  Apparently, Belen had some issue requiring treatment.  Since she is not subject to WADA rules, she treated it with cortisone.  The cortisone was later transferred to Marco.  If you want to know more, you will need to read the article in the UK Daily Mail. Belen blames herself that their recent “session” is proving “fatal” to Marco’s soccer career.

This may be just one more reason coaches will advise their male athletes in training to avoid the fairer sex.


NFL widens tests for performance enhancing drugs

January 25, 2007

The National Football League after months of negotiation with the players union announced that they will expand the drug testing program for its players.  Key points to the new program.

  1. Testing used to be only in the preseason and for recreational drugs and steroids.  Now, they will test for EPO as well.
  2. Players suspended after testing positive will, for the first time, forfeit a portion of their signing bonuses in addition to the salary.  The only guaranteed part of a player’s salary is the signing bonus
  3. Ten players will be randomly tested each week from a roster of about 45 players
  4. The NFL policy mandates a four-game suspension for a first steroids offense and a year for a second.
  5. For recreational drugs such as marijuana or cocaine there is no suspension for a first positive test.  The player is given counseling.
  6. The program also includes additional use of carbon isotope ratio testing on a random basis to detect for doses of testosterone. The isotope test was previously used only to validate a positive test.

It’s a start.