A different take on glass houses

January 24, 2007

“People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” – Anonymous

The above saying has been used frequently in recent days. Mostly when referring to Quick Step boss Patrick Lefevere. Over the past few months, Patrick has taken out his soapbox on the subject of doping in cycling. Mr. Lefevere has made pretty harsh remarks about Floyd Landis and Lance Armstrong. Through his “tough stand” on doping, Mr Lefevere has positioned himself as a paragon of virtue in the cycling world.

What Mr Lefevere has overlooked is the fact when you stand and shout from the pulpit, you will begin to attract attention to yourself. With that attention comes scrutiny. If you need a lesson, look at all the US senators and congressmen who espoused certain morals and values only to have their own dirty laundry shown.

Well it seems that the closet of Patrick Lefevere is wide open and look at what laundry we found. I pointed out a few days ago that Mr Lefevere’s record as a Director has not been lily white on the topic of doping. He has recruited and supported riders who have been involved in doping. The latest is his former rider and chosen heir apparent Johann Museeuw.

Now, it seems that over at Rant Your Head Off, more laundry is being uncovered about Patrick Lefevere the rider! Some of the laundry accuses Patrick of doping and other pieces show Patrick in a role of dealer. While not proven, it does suggest that before commenting on another, Mr Lefevere should focus on picking up the clothes he has dropped on the floor of his glass house.

Which made me think. If you are living in a glass house, before you worry about stones, you better be in great shape. With all that transparency in your life now, I hope you work out because everyone is looking in.

Take my advice, shut up and go put on a bathrobe.


ABC Reports; Museeuw admits to doping

January 24, 2007

Former World Champion Johan Museeuw admits to doping.  With all his appeals exhausted and heading for trial, Johan Museeuw finally comes clean.

At a news confrence last night, The Lion of Flanders stated; “At the end of my career, to prepare for a number of races, I made a mistake. I wanted to end my career in beauty and did things that I couldn’t,”

The world waits for Patrick Lefevre’s reaction.  Will he call for legal action? How far has he set back cycling? Maybe a public flogging?