The TUE is not enough, so the UCI Pronounces Pereiro “Clean” again

Therefore, the best warfare strategy is to attack the enemy’s plans, next is to attack alliances, next is to attack the army, and the worst is to attack a walled city. Sun Tzu

It seems that Oscar may not be the objective of the AFLD. I think he is an excuse to go after and weaken the real target. The UCI. Since the Pereiro story broke, I kept asking myself two questions. Why Pereiro and why now? There were quite a few other athletes who had positive tests and Therapeutic Use Exemptions to keep them from running afoul of the law. Why go after Pereiro? Not only that why go public with the request as none of the other positive/TUE riders are publicly named.

Since I am a sceptic when it comes to coincidences, I kept wondering what was behind the AFLD’s sudden interest in this one particular case. I also believe there is no such thing as a balance of power. There may be a stale-mate but no balance.

A balance implies a static harmony about life. I believe that power is never static and there is very little harmony. There are always people who want more and are always trying to usurp small chunks from someone else.

Then when the UCI felt the need to re-declare Pereiro clean, it came to me. The AFLD is softly saying that the UCI is not at the top of the food chain. This is pretty interesting as the UCI tries to hold onto the ProTour as the Grand Tours try to take back the power they once had. The Grand Tours are attempting to push the UCI out of organizing races and back into a governing, policing body. Now that status is under assault.

Sensing blood in the water, the AFLD is now taking front and center in the Floyd Landis and Oscar Peiero cases stating the UCI and USA Cycling are not the final arbituers of cycling.

The AFLD is bolstered by the notion that they can be the gateway to the biggest prize in cycling, the Tour de France. By keeping riders out of France, they can keep riders out of cycling.

I fully expect that the AFLD will clear Pereiro. The important point is the AFLD will clear him to win the 2006 Tour and ride in the 2007 Tour. Not the UCI.

I am reminded of the ultimate power junkie, Napoleon. When he ascended to the throne as Emperor, who crowned him? Back then, the Pope usually crowned new rulers. Not Napoleon, he thought that the symbol of the Pope crowning Napoleon as Emperor would imply that the Pope held some authority over the Emperor. So, after inviting Pope Pius VII to the coronation, he crowned himself in front of the world, including an astonished pontiff.

Oh by the way, is it a coincidence that Napoleon is also French?


3 Responses to The TUE is not enough, so the UCI Pronounces Pereiro “Clean” again

  1. Debby says:

    This makes so much sense to me it’s scary.

  2. pelotonjim says:

    When big groups get together, it is always about power.

  3. Daniel M says:


    Well said and well written. It makes perfectly scary sense to me.

    – Rant

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