Cycling Triple Play

Today’s New York Times on-line edition has a Roundup of Cycling News across the world. Will they give me an update on the Tour Down Under? How about preparations for the Tour of California just a few short weeks away? The answer is no and no. Here are the three news worthy stories to report on Cycling in 2007. (Free subscription may be required.)

1) Oscar Pererio has to go before French authorities to explain why salbutamol was found in his bloodstream during last year’s Tour de France. Pererio states that he has clearance by the UCI to use a banned medication, Ventolin to treat asthma. I wonder how this story has floated along under the radar for so long? Before the LNDD knew there may be a waiver in place, why didn’t they leak this to LeMonde and L’Equipe?

3) Tammy Thomas, a cyclist, is so far the only athlete charged in the BALCO investigation. What?! Were you expecting Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, or Barry Bonds to be charged? Na! They have money and lawyers that make railroading real hard. Pick on the poor cyclist. Tammy is accused of lying to the Grand Jury. She and every other athlete with the exception of Giambi all went in front of the Grand Jury to state they never took drugs supplied by BALCO. If guilty, Tammy’s career should fry but come on, Old Sparky should be used on the others as well.

3) David Millar was acquitted on possession of doping products. The prosecutor asked for the acquittal since David has been so helpful in the fight against doping.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print!


Old Sparky getting a lot of use on cycling careers these days.


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