What happened?

January 16, 2007

I go away for a few days thinking things would be quiet. (I know Rant, I called you on that before). And I come back to the French Revolution. 

I will not bore you by reciting the details of the AFLD (which does not stand for the Americans for Floyd Landis’ Defense) summoning Floyd to the French version of the woodshed for a chat.  I will briefly tell you my take. Not Good.

Maybe I’ve been watching trees being cleared, land leveled, and tracks being laid all for the express purpose of railroading Floyd out of cycling.  The only motivation seems to be proving once and for all, that the WADA and UCI are the big dogs. 

The AFLD summons sounds familiar….. That’s it!  It reminds me of my childhood.  My mom coming in where I was preparing to botch a project given to me.  She would say, “Here, give it to me.  Do I have to do everything myself?”