Jan Ullrich to Acqua & Sapone

January 7, 2007

Reports are circulating that Jan Ullrich is deep in negotiations with Continental team Acqua & Sapone. Team Director Palmiro Masciarelli is quoted as saying that there has been discussions that are “determined and positive.”

Masciarelli still needs to run the idea by the team currently led by Stefano Garzelli. if that goes well, then the sponsor needs to be brought on board. My guess is that those steps will not be too difficult as Garzelli has been on the wrong side of the WADA in the past and would most likely still be the man for the home town Giro. I don’t think Acqua & Sapone is publicity shy as they signed a Mario Cipollini a few years back.

My concern is that it does not seem that Jan has been humbled by recent events. One of the problems with Jan has been his insistence that you give his friends jobs with the team as well. In the past, this has included his brother and his “trainer” Rudy Pevenage. Apparently, Jan is asking that Acqua & Sapone employ others as pert of the deal. Oscar Sevilla who also has a cloud surrounding him.

Of course, this all depends on the Swiss investigation into Jan which is still in limbo. Jan, who has renounced his Swiss license would need to find another sponsoring country.

Jan needs to focus on riding, not employing his posse. To date, he has wasted his tremendous talent by not focusing on riding and putting himself in the hands of an equally talented Director Sportif.