60 minutes scooped by Canada

January 3, 2007

The Globe, “Canada’s National Newspaper” is touting the first North American report on doping. The web site is touting an exclusive television appearance of Frankie Andreu to tell his story on doping. The show airs tonight on the CBC.

Frankie will tell how he heard Lance Armstrong admit to using erythropoietin, growth hormone, cortisone and testosterone prior to his cancer diagnosis in October of 1996. The site also touts that the CBC beat 60 minutes in the race to put Andreu on TV. I am wondering what request was made by the Andreu camp that got a ‘yes’ from the CBC and a ‘no’ from 60 minutes.

In the 22 minutes of in-depth reporting, the CBC also fits in an interview with Floyd Landis.

Hopefully, the piece will be objective. With a title of Cycle of Denial, I don’t know. If anyone sees it, please review it here. I’ll be looking for a web video and provide a link.

Because I’m a little blue, here is a quote to end the post.

“We are threatened with suffering from three directions: from our own body, which is doomed to decay and dissolution and which cannot even do without pain and anxiety as warning signals; from the external world, which may rage against us with overwhelming and merciless forces of destruction; and finally from our relations to other men. The suffering which comes from this last source is perhaps more painful than any other.” Sigmund Freud.