When will common sense previal?

On the heels of the”we know you did it but we have to let you go” ruling, the Court of Arbitration of Sport ruled that the two year ban for Aitor Gonzlaez should stand.  This effectivly ends the Spaniard’s career.

As a recap, Gonzalez tested positive for steroids at the tour of Spain.  It was later found out that the steroid came from a contaminated supplement.

From a CAS statement via the BBC:

“The CAS arbitrators have admitted the facts presented by Aitor Gonzalez.

“But the arbitrators have considered that he did not act without fault or negligence in using a doubtful food supplement, prescribed by an occasional doctor and purchased in a fitness centre.

“The athlete could not ignore the risks related to such an ingestion taking into account the repeated warnings given in this regard by the sports authorities.”

Sorry Aitor but even though we know you didn’t do it, we have something for you for Christmas.  Here is a hint.  It is black, shiny, and made of carbon.

No, not the new Orbea Orca your (former) Euskaltel-Euskadi teammates are riding.

Try coal.


2 Responses to When will common sense previal?

  1. Daniel M says:

    Well, Jim, kind of shoots their credibility in the foot, doesn’t it? The common sense approach would have been the way the Spanish federation handled it. The UCI should have let the case go, but to prove they’re tough on “dopers” they just couldn’t. And now Gonzalez has to pay. That is, unless he’s retired, in which case the whole thing would be even more of a farce.

    Hmmm … that’s got me thinking … which is a dangerous thing to do. 😉

    – Rant

  2. […] Which all leads back to the question Peloton Jim posed: When will common sense prevail? […]

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