If you paid $6 million, you would be nervous too.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone has put out the welcome mat to the world as host of the 2007 Tour de France Grand Depart.  All are invited to come and see London at her best.  All, that is, except for those whose images are tarnished (rightly or wrongly) by the recent spate of doping allegations.

“This will be a historic event, in the heart of one of the world’s great cities, a fantastic opportunity for our sport,” British Cycling president Brian Cookson said.

It seems that given the huge investment, those in the UK are concerned that there will not be the Return on Investment that was envisioned when they submitted their bid. Cookson goes on to say:

“We really do not want to see this tarnished by a repeat of the doping scandals of 2006, so, frankly, we urge all those with involvement in various investigations to stay away.”

Well, I never. 

It seems that all you need is an accusation to get these boys’ panties in a bunch.  I do feel for them, timing gives the Operation Puerto trial of Dr. Fuentes and possibly Floyd’s appeal colliding with the Tour’s start.

The alternative is Floyd exonorated and lining up with Ivan Basso at the start while Operation Puerto is in full swing.

In each scenario, which do you think will make headlines?


One Response to If you paid $6 million, you would be nervous too.

  1. […] addition to the internal process to clear Floyd’s name take the pronouncements by the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone and the ASO to keep certain riders out of the Tour. You have […]

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