Floyd dosen’t sound so good

Sorry for the delays in posting. I did not enter the Witness Protection Program and assume a new identity like grupettojim. A brief last burst of business travel left me using all my posting time to do other things like sleep.

Anyway. After reading the LATimes articles and the commentary on them from Rant your Head Off and Trust but Verify, I must admit, I was a bit down. I have said from the beginning that all I would like is a fair process. That is the only way I can believe in the result. Until then, I will presume innocence.

Well, it seems that the hearing/arbitration process is anything but fair. The rules are made and enforced by the same party that investigates, prosecutes, and punishes the athlete. If there is ever an uphill battle, this is it.

As I said, I was a bit down after reading the details of the “fair trial” that Floyd is up against. And it is not even my name and career on the line. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that Floyd may have his ups and downs. It seems that his is in a little bit of a down cycle right now.

Floyd Landis is quoted by Cyclingnews speculating on his return to the pro ranks.

“There’s a minute chance of me racing again in 2007. Even if I’m not suspended, who will want to sign me? And if they suspend me for two or four years – a humiliation which I hope doesn’t happen – it’s over for me. As things stand now, I don’t see myself as a bike racer.”

Floyd reiterated his innocence but with a different, less defiant tone.

“I’ve never taken testosterone, I would have been stupid to because you just can’t get away with it [in doping tests]. What it comes down to is that I’m being accused of stupidity more than doping. Even if I’m proved innocent, my reputation is ruined.”

Hopefully, he can get through this and put his best case forward and hope the “transparency defense” yields a fair hearing. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.


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  1. […] Right now, a large number of people believe the anti-doping system needs improvement, or even wholesale fixing. Whether the current system is fair has been a matter of (at times heated) debate. But there’s no denying that a more transparent system would not only be perceived as more fair to all concerned, but it would be more fair, too. As Peloton Jim noted over at Endless Cycle, Sunlight is the best disinfectant. […]

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