Floyd Landis “all in” on defense

“All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us…they can’t get away this time.” Lt. General Lewis “Chesty” Puller

In this morning’s edition of The Independent, Floyd says outlines what’s at stake and how far he is willing to go.

“Even if I win, people will believe I’ve got off on a technicality. I want people to understand the true, scientific reasons behind my innocence, not a technicality. “

He also mentions another card that the anti-doping authorities have up their collective sleeve. Money.

“If I lost, I’m not sure I could carry on. I wasn’t the highest-paid cyclist and it’s looking like this might cost me $500,000 [£255,000]. I think the authorities know I’ll run out of money. They’ve said they’ll appeal if they lose the hearing and that might take another year.”

Would you risk all of your savings to clear your name? Remember that he is a professional cyclist. If banned, those skills are not real attractive on a resume in the corporate world. He is young and has a family to think about. It’s clear he understands the risk.

In a high stakes game like this, what is right and fair sometimes gets lost in the lust for victory. I think the various cycling authorities have painted themselves into a corner that prevents an honorable way out if the evidence points to Floyd’s innocence. This is now about winning.

I’ll end with another quote unfortunately, I read it so long ago, I have forgotten who said it. If I find it, I will add the attribution.

“It’s impossible to save face when you have already lost your head.”


4 Responses to Floyd Landis “all in” on defense

  1. susie b says:

    I LOVE that quote by Gen Chesty Puller. In what action did he say it? Chosin? It is ABSOLUTELY what you’d expect from a 5-time recipient of the Navy Cross.
    Semper Fi!

  2. pelotonjim says:

    Yup the Chosin “withdrawl” Also another great quote for the same situation. “We came here to find Chinese. Now we’re surrounded which will make the job of finding them and killing them easy.”

  3. pelotonjim says:

    One of the greatest Americans. Good night Chesty Puller, wherever you are.

  4. kforsb says:

    WHO SAID Good night Chesty Puller, wherever you are.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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