London Times on Landis

Jeremy Whittle of the Times online gives a brief update on the Floyd Landis situation. Not much new here just a brief rehash on what is already out there. The reason I point this out is that it closes with a disheartening quote from Greg LeMond who at every opportunity is revealing himself to be a bitter ex-pro who begrudges anyone the smallest amount of success. From the article:

LeMond rejected the suggestion of French incompetence. “It’s just another spin to convince people that Americans could never cheat,” he said.

There is still a piece of me that held Greg as a hero. That piece dies when he opens his mouth.


4 Responses to London Times on Landis

  1. Theresa says:

    Is LeMond justing not listening? Or does he have the same disorder that W. Bush has? Refusing to listen to anyone that says anything that remotely tries to open their eyes and see another side of an issue.

  2. pelotonjim says:

    Some athletes in their retirement look for others to take the sport to a new lvel. Others try to keep their achievements alive by detracting from current stars. The latter will say things like:

    Things were different when I played….
    The game has changes and today’s athletes do not have…..
    It was harder in my day…..

    Greg is in this camp. But he is so bitter that he is not only acting like the average athlete that can’t move out of the spotlight, he has to attack each new champion’s integrity.

    From a great champion who broke through the “Euro” barrier to sad pathetic ex-pro in a short time.

  3. theboy says:

    LeMond’s quote is right on. He is a fellow who owes his fame to pro cycling. Makes sense to me that he would care about the sport, and that he would like to see it clean. Moreover, someone needs to point out the bs.

    Landis’s defense is ridiculous, and I’m glad someone is brave enough to say that.

  4. pelotonjim says:


    Thanks for weighing in. I respect your opinion. If you are new to this blog, let me outline my opinion for you. I do not know if Floyd id guilty or not. Since I do not know him, I do not know what he is capable of when confronted with losing the TDF. With that said, I will presume innocence until proven otherwise. The proving needs to come from a fair hearing. If then, punish or reward Floyd based on the outcome.

    My beef is the hearing is anything but fair. If you read the rules, it turns out they are stacked in the WADA’s favor. I want that changed so I can believe the results.

    My beef with LeMond is he immediatly presumed Floyd was guilty. He does not know Floyd either and yet he continues to try to undermind Floyd’s case. He should stay out of this matter. He can speak authoritavly on doping in the peloton during the ’80s and ’90s. He was there and on that I would listen. When he comments on someone else’s integrity, I get annoyed.

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