Cycling more popular than soccer in the UK

A recent survey sponsored by England’s largest sporting goods store shows when push comes to shove, the people of the UK pull out the bike before the ball for recreation. The only other activities more popular are walking, swimming, and gym activities.

Peter King the British Cycling’s top gear says:

“We are clearly a nation of active cyclists and cycling is already making a key contribution to the sporting and physical activity agenda of the Nation.

Then he gets kind of cocky:

“However, the survey excludes cycle commuting and placed gym-based cycling within the gym figures. British Cycling’s Everyday Cycling programme has identified that commuting represents as much as a third of all cycling activity in England.

“If you add the people who are riding for active travel purposes, such as commuting to work or school, which were not counted in the survey, plus the growing popularity of exercise bikes and spinning in gyms, then the news for cycling is even better.”

Well. No word on how the UK Hooligans feel. We’ll check out a few pubs and report back.



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