Where is Dick Pound on this?

Massive scandal is brewing in the sporting world this morning and the head of the WADA is conspicuously absent from any press conference. Just when we need his type of leadership, he abandons his post!

RTE sports broke the scandal which may rival Festina and Operation Puerto combined! Robbie Green, was thrown out of the UK open darts tournament after failing his drug test and testing positive for marijuana. He is now serving an 8 week and 2 day suspension.

This has renewed the call for widespread drug testing to root out cheaters in the sport. From the story:

John Scott, director of drug-free sport at UK Sport, said: ‘What was clear was that increasing the level of blood testing could add value to our testing programme, both as a method of detection and deterrence.

‘Cost is a factor, but if it improves the overall quality of our testing programme then increasing the level of blood testing is something we can consider. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t be a case of how many tests you do, but how effective they are.’

No word on the ‘B’ sample but we need to act fast here!

Additional Thought:

In the sport of darts, is alcohol considered a performance enhancing drug? I know that all my darts experiences involved quite a few beers.


9 Responses to Where is Dick Pound on this?

  1. Debby says:

    At first I thought you were kidding. I’m still not sure…but I can’t wait to see what Rant has to say about this. Did the samples get sent to France for testing?

  2. Daniel M says:

    This is a good one. Much food for thought. Too bad I have to earn a living right now, or I’d dash something off…

    – Rant

  3. pelotonjim says:

    Debby! Great point. The LNDD should be the lab of record before we can believe the relults. Also, not knowing the length of a darts athlete’s career, is 8 weeks and two days too harsh?

  4. […] After having a huge puff piece written about him in Canada’s National Post, Dick Pound seems to be missing in action right at the time when he should be speaking out about demon marijuana. […]

  5. robbie green says:

    hiya all…intresting reading about my case….alcohol is not a banned substance in darts….
    as for the B sample i got a letter after they had allready done the b sample test to invite me to be present for it,unless i had a time machine i was not gona make it…..i,ll have to have a word with doctor who ? lol

  6. pelotonjim says:

    Robbie, If you ever make it to the states, I’ll buy.


  7. […] those new to the program, Endless Cycle broke the story of British dart thrower Robbie “Kong” Green who was thrown out and suspended from the […]

  8. Daniel M says:


    Ditto Jim’s comment if you’re ever in my neck o’ the woods.

    – Rant

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