Will fans give the new kit a “+” or a “-“

Omega Pharmaceuticals has decided to change sponsorship brands for the 2007 cycling seasons. Instead of highlighting their Davitamon vitamin line, Omega is changing the brand to their Predictor pregnancy test kit. Thus the team will now ride under the Predictor-Lotto name.


So what does that mean to the kit? Well, the kit will reflect the new product’s color scheme. Pink. Actually it is called salmon but I’m a guy and my color palette is not that diverse.

This is a case of being careful of what you are asking for because, you might just get it. I lamented the overwhelming blue color scheme in the peloton. Quick Step, Discovery, Gerolsteiner, Lampre, Boygues Telecom, and Milram. Now we have a sea of pink arriving in 2007. I know, magenta and salmon.

I don’t think that the new Predictor-Lotto kits will be flying out of the bicycle shops and onto your average road warrior any day soon. You need to be real confident to straddle your bike an the foot of your driveway while neighbors pass.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


One Response to Will fans give the new kit a “+” or a “-“

  1. […] I stand corrected.  I speculated a little while ago on what the new kit will look like as Davitamon-Lotto becomes Predictor-Lotto.  The main sponsor becoming a pregnancy test.  […]

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