UCI leaks letter written to complain about leaks

CyclingNews is reporting that it has obtained a copy of UCI boss Pat McQuaid’s letter to Spanish minister of sport, Jaime Lissavetzky. In the letter, Pat blames the Spanish government for cycling’s poor image, his inability to investigate and punish evil doping riders, and probably high energy prices.

The cause of all this? Leaks. Pat McQuaid, Mr. Principle, is saying that leaks are damaging to the sport. Leaks lower the image of cycling by putting out unsubstantiated information. When information is leaked, there is no retort, no examination of evidence, it just ruins someone’s reputation.

“You understand, as we have discussed previously, this affair is doing enormous damage to the credibility of our sport,” writes McQuaid. “This began with the continuous leaks to the media of material related to the investigation all through 2006.

We cannot, as we would dearly like to do, use the information to discipline and sanction riders involved. Indeed we must legally allow these riders to continue to race throughout 2007 until this investigation concludes at which time we might, and I say might, be supplied with enough evidence to go after those riders allegedly involved.”

Thanks for the insight Pat. I’m really glad you leaked that letter. Did you cc the WADA? Floyd Landis?


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