Room for one more?

Every morning, I make the rounds of the cycling world. News sites then blogs. From reading here, you know that Trust but Verify is my first stop for a Floyd update and Rant Your Head off is my sight for thoughtful commentary. Is there room for one more?

What if that addition to the cycling blog world is a corporate entity? A cycling magazine? Procycling magazine just launched its own blog. Obviously there is a lot of cycling expertise in the halls of procycling. And I’m sure that there is no shortage of opinions there as well.

I do look at corporate blogs with a little scepticism since there is a temptation to sanitize everything on the blog, or use the blog as an advertisement not a source of opinion and commentary. There is quite a bit of precedent here, most companies have started blogs. One of my favorite corporate cycling blogs is the Masi Guy blog. This is a blog done right. Which means, some posts must give the brass a little squirm factor.

I will be watching the procycling blog to see who writes it. The lawyers, the marketing team, or those who love the sport warts and all and are not afraid to say it.


9 Responses to Room for one more?

  1. Tim Jackson says:

    Hey man, thanks for the high praise! Wow, I like the way that reads… a lot.

    Sereiously, I do appreciate your comment. I do try to “keep it real” and talk about whatever comes to my mind. I try to use the blog to be a part of and participate within the the commnuity. I try to “sell” by sharing my passion for the brand- not spouting marketing speak constantly. Some of my favorite posts are the ones that just lead to a cool conversation about the sport of cycling.

    Thanks again- I’m flattered by your compliment.

    Another new blog on the bike scene worth mentioning is the one by Neil, the editor of ROAD magazine;


  2. pelotonjim says:

    Thanks for the new blog! Keep it up!

  3. Debby says:

    We can get ProCycling (and Cycling Plus) at our local Borders. They’re excellent magazines, but we are usually a month behind. The newest issue here has Frank Shreck on the cover, but that’s not the one on the ProCycling blog. So while my husband and I love the tech articles, we’re still going to TBV for Floyd updates, and Velo et al for the fastest news updates. I love Rant for commentary — some days he makes my head hurt digesting the technical aspects of lab testing — and that ‘s a *good* thing. And the new Road has an interview with Floyd AND Kristen Armstrong…not that I’m obsessed or anything. đŸ™‚

    As to the procycling blog…it all depends. If it’s like the blog, I probably won’t be visiting there much. Their “BI Women on Wheels” blog has recycled articles/essays from the magazine — let’s get some female cyclists talking about issues not discussed on the printed page (dearth of woman-specific indoor training DVDs and equipment generally is a topic near and dear to my heart) (inequality of race prizes is another, though I’m only an observer and not a racer). This would provide some new and different content and commentary, and maybe an impetus for change.

    BTW — although I don’t know Tim’s blog, I have heard him speak on the Spokesmen podcast and he is really good.

  4. pelotonjim says:

    I’m obsessed also. If you consider the following:
    I get Procycling (the new issue came in today’s mail, cyclesport, VeloNews and Bicycling.
    My daughter at age 6 new Mario Cipollini. In fact, at the Tour of Somerville (a local race) she saw someone wearing a rainbow replica jersey and my daughter yelled Mario Cipollini! I got dirty looks. She also cheered when he broke Binda’s Giro record and cried when he crashed out of his last Giro.

    I’m sick but that’s OK.

  5. pelotonjim says:

    By the way, what is it with mario and women of all ages?

  6. Theresa says:

    He has quite the charm and charisma….last time I saw he was in a Velo News video from Interbike, and he had a interpreter with him…I just watch him, even if I don’t understand Italian. And I’m not easily swayed by just a pretty face. I’m trying to think of someone else that effects me like that, Ivan Basso, doesn’t even do that to me, and Lance was a special case when I first started following professional cycling.
    Tom Boonen is pretty cool and charming, but the covers I have up at work of cyclists, consist of Floyd, Floyd, DaveZ, George H. And an awesome picture of Brad Huff and Tony Cruz at the USPRO crits! Then, there’s the CSC boys, Bobby, Christian, Jens, but those are just the cards from the team.
    Anyway, the answer to your question is, I don’t know!

  7. Debby says:

    I will have to pay more attention to Mario! I think I remember seeing him in a ProCycling article (see, we are still on topic!) — is he the one that has very flamboyant choices in his cycling clothes? I don’t really know very much about Ivan Basso either as I just started following cycling as of last summer, when my husband started racing.

    Theresa, for me it’s Floyd all the way. When I saw Stage 17 I became obsessed. His determination to go it alone despite the naysayers has been the inspiration for so many things for me. For the rest of the Tour, I’d log into VeloNews and keep hitting the refresh button all morning for the newest stage updates. But perhaps the real point of no return was when we went on vacation end of July early August and I begged my husband to take his work laptop with us so I could have VeloNews updates on the case (it was the week between A and B samples). We had to huddle in the hotel lobby to pick up the slowest WiFi signal in the world! In previous years I banned all technology from our trips and gave him a look if he so much as checked his email on his cell phone. I still didn’t put on the TV because I didn’t want to see what the regular media was doing to him and Amber…I only wanted actual news from reliable cycling sources. Now I’m a TBV junkie.

    The more I get to know Floyd and Amber through interviews, etc, the more I admire them for their strength and their sincerity. If this had happened to anyone else, I think that it would have been a done deal as far as the guilty verdict. But Floyd has impressed so many people with his character and integrity that they are standing by him, and continuing to pursue the truth with whatever resources they have…that says a lot about the kind of person he is. I’m dreaming of swarms of cyclists showing up to support him at his arbitration hearing in CA, and only regret I can’t be there too!

    Another reason I am obsessed with the case is what the implications are for all of us…in a society where there is trial by media, and the agencies want to win regardless of truth, but Rant is taking care of that and saying it much better than I can. And our Peloton Jim too!

    But I’m off topic…PJ, your daughter is adorable to know Mario…I can’t think why anyone would give her or you dirty looks. I don’t have subscriptions to all of them, but we get Bicycling, Velo News, Road (new Floyd article, Theresa), Cycle Sport, Cycling Plus, ProCycling when the new issues appear in the bookstore. We listen to a bunch of podcasts, and I’m begging my friend in Sydney for another issue of Bicycling Australia for Christmas (great magazine), because Tour Down Under is coming soon!!!!!

    Sorry PJ for taking up so much comment space…(blush)

  8. Tim Jackson says:

    Well, Im not gonna enter the Wheel Hunk debate, but I do think that Danilo Hondo ain’t bad for a German guy… though I’m happily married with two kids…

    My daughter loves to watch me race at the track. She screams and waves each time I come around the track. I really dig that…

    Glad that the Spokesmen gets mentioned here. It’s a great podcast and I have been having a great time being involved.


  9. pelotonjim says:

    I’m with you on Hondo except he loses points for bad hair style.

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