Floyd Landis is not the only one who wants more data

Eurosport is reporting that suspended cyclist Roberto Heras has never been afforded the opportunity to examine the results of his ‘B’ sample test.

“They gave me 20 pages of details of the analysis of the ‘A’ sample, but not for the ‘B’ analysis and I feel defenceless as a result.

“We’ve requested it four times and now we are going to ask for it for a fifth, but we still haven’t had an answer.”

Roberto feels abandoned by Manolo Saiz and he whole Liberty Seguros team when the reports hit that he had tested positive.


3 Responses to Floyd Landis is not the only one who wants more data

  1. Theresa says:

    You know, I’ve forgotten that Roberto Heras never had his day in court. I guess I’m not being fair. Floyd I’d go to the wall for, but Heras, I just assumed that he was guilty, because he went up that mountain with all those stitches in his leg, plus put in a TT performance that no one had ever seen him do before, it looked unbelievable to me at the time i watched it on OLN.
    But with Floyd, I care. Heras wasn’t one of my favorites, so I didn’t think about it. Boy, that’s a double standard! but, I also know that Floyd can do what he did in Morzine, because we’ve seen him perform fantastically before. And, all his data from his races and training are posted out in the open for anyone to see. I’ll still never forget Floyd pulling everyone up the mountain in the “Ride like you stole something, Floyd” stage of 2004!

  2. pelotonjim says:

    That’s kind of why I put it in there. I saw guilty and forgot all about him. I should be fair and call for due process for anyone accused. If Roberto weas denied information, he should have it.

  3. Daniel M says:

    I wish I could say I was surprised by this. But I’m not. Seems to be more evidence of an anti-doping machine run amok.

    – Rant

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