Three teams, one license

Well, it seems that a ProTour license is now harder to get than a liquor license in Manhattan.

Unibet, Astana, and Barloworld are all competing for the license left open by Phonak. All other licenses have been confirmed. It seems that both Unibet and Astana have very strong cases as they are filled with ProTour caliber talent.

I am currently unclear on one issue. Astana is competing for the Phonak license. Manolo Saiz holds a license from the Liberty Seguros days. Who will be racing under that license? Will there be one less squad? I can’t see Manolo in the Director’s car fielding a team given all the controversy surrounding his name. Could that mean that another license is up for grabs for two of the three teams that are on the outside looking in?

Stay tuned.


4 Responses to Three teams, one license

  1. Theresa says:

    Okay, I still haven’t figured out how Saiz holds the license to a team that no longer exists. He says he controls Asana, but that has become a completely different team. I read that he holds the contracts to some of the riders on Asana. Saiz won’t give up or sell his license to Asana, but he has no team….he’s supposed to control something, according to him, but Vino has done everything to build a team totally separate. Please, Rant, can you explain why Saiz can have a license with no team? Why doesn’t the Pro Tour say the license is not valid and pull it? It must have something to do with money and lawyers. But I find it all very annoying and tiresome!

  2. Theresa says:

    Sorry, peletonjim, I called you rant! I was just on his website….call it a senior moment!! Forgive me!

  3. pelotonjim says:

    First, not a problem. I’ve been called worse! As for the license, it is an asset that Saiz paid for and owns for the duration of the contract. He was offered over 4 million Euros by the team currently calling themselves Astana. Like everything else these days, it will go to the courts. Sad but true since Saiz has not been convicted of anything. THis is one of the downsides of trial by media before you have all the cards in your hand.

  4. Daniel M says:

    Uh-oh! Now I’m responsible for senior moments. Better find a more distinctive ranting style I guess. 😉

    – Rant

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