Wear a helmet

Especially if you are a boy.

In life, I’m pretty much a live and let live kind of guy.  There is one thing that does bother me though.  When I see a family riding together helmetless.  That is one non negotiable with my kids.

Well, it looks like that is still good advice for my son at least.  The Sydney Morning Hearald reports that a study of bicycle emergency room visits showed that the vast majority were boys.  80 percent were males between 5 – 39 with almost half falling in the 5 – 15 range.

Now any of us with sons should not be surprised at that figure.  It does bear repeating now and again.  Just note that 20 percent involve the head and neck. 

Should the weather this long weekend give your child the urge to ride, just remember to say “buckle up.”

Enjoy the holiday, Happy Thanksgiving!



2 Responses to Wear a helmet

  1. Theresa says:

    Okay, I guess I haven’t been on your site for a couple of days, so I’m reading everything backwards and making my comments! Regarding helmets, besides being disappointed in my sister, about inforcing the helmet rule with my nephews, I took issue with Cycle Sport magazine this month. They had a great story about a ‘rebel etape’ at the tour. But, only one of the CS guys, out of three, had on a helmet. Now I know they were going up a mountain, but still! You can fall off a mountain, and die. Anyway, I emailed a letter stating I expected them to be better example to the young men that read their magazine. I probably won’t get letter of the month. But that isn’t what I really was shooting for.

  2. pelotonjim says:

    I have two words for your sister. Andrei Kivilev. If a cyclist can be killed when he is one of the most skilled people on a bike in all the world, is riding at slow speed , on a closed road, with emergency medical crews by his side, then it could happen to anyone! He died because of one thing. No helmet. Next time you are in a car with her family, turn to the kids and tell them they can unbuckle their seatbelts. Then use the shocked expression to make your point!

    Sorry, I told you this was my soapbox thing

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