DNA or not to DNA

Discovery Channel released word that they have taken the high ground and had Ivan Basso agree to supply a DNA sample if authorities require it to convict or exonerate Ivan from a doping case. Great move forward most have said.

Or is it.

Not to question the tactics but right now, no judicial authority is requesting it. Operation Puerto is closed for the foreseeable future and the Italian authorities have dismissed their case against the rider. Therefore, the clamor to provide a DNA sample to prove if he is “Birillo” is gone.

Regardless of the intentions score one for Johan.


2 Responses to DNA or not to DNA

  1. Debby says:

    I’m of mixed minds about the DNA. Velogal had an interesting post a few days ago, about how no other job would require DNA, and if employers tried to demand it, they’d be sued…perhaps we are all supposed to assume this is the nature of the cycling job, and anyone going into the sport should expect it, just as some jobs require the other kind of drug testing if you are driving a vehicle, etc?

  2. pelotonjim says:

    I’m with you. I don’t want to see a rider union strong enough where there is no testing (NFL, Baseball). I also don’t think riders should be treated like animals at the race track. So I am mixed on the DNA question.

    I also support VeloGal’s assertion that the system is wrong. All I have to do is accuse you to get you kicked out of a major race. Let’s put a little process in here that treats riders with a little respect and dignity.

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