We are pure as the wind driven snow

So say the French. The new victims in the Floyd Landis case appear to be the French anti doping agency (AFLD). In today’s CyclingNews, the AFLD portrays themselves as the bastion of ethical standards.

I guess that the AFLD does not like Trust but Verify:

“I would like that the members of the AFLD could hear the opinion of either side, in contradictory fashion. At this point, I am unprejudiced. My concern is to hear Mr. Landis’ arguments, as he has a right to defend himself, but I need to really dispose of all of them and not only those which he distills in a press conference or on the Internet. If these requirements are met, I will suggest, within the framework of the investigation, to invite all persons whose hearings would be useful.”

Sorry TBV, no mercy just because you are now an AARP member!


2 Responses to We are pure as the wind driven snow

  1. Hang on a sec…

    I read the CN story at your link. According to the article, “the head of the French anti-doping agency (AFLD), Pierre Bordry,” has the same name as the person in the photo caption, “Pierre Bordry, President of the Châtenay-Malabry anti-doping laboratory (LNDD).” Coincidence? Typo? A little digging showed past articles on cyclingnews.com stating he is the president of LNDD, and todays cyclingfans.com refers to him as the head of AFLD.

    M. Bordry says, “At this point, I am unprejudiced.”

    Which of these statements is impossible? Assuming the first is true, do M. Bordry and his associates at LNDD and AFLD have any concept of conflict of interest?

  2. pelotonjim says:

    Good catch. I don’t believe in typos and coincidences. I also believe “conflict of interest” has a different meaning to different people.

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