If you don’t want a circus, then what do I say to the elephants sir?

The USADA has said it is concerned that an open hearing would create a circus. Then it tries a high wire act to avoid pointed questions and comments from the Floyd Landis camp. In a classic moment, the definition of the world public is called into question.

The USADA sent all kinds of chaff into the air with concerns of a circus, hotels, and hearing location, It seems that the USADA is concerned that the Pepperdine School of Law may not be able handle parties wanting to give a presentation. Funny, I thought that’s what people do at universities. Well, it is California, maybe things are different there.

All in all, the whole back and forth is covered beautifully at Trust but Verify. Usually, I like to add some witty asides to TBV’s reporting but in this case, the USADA proves that the truth is stranger (and funnier) than fiction so I’m left high and dry.


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