Only the Shadow knows!

November 7, 2006


Will Floyd Landis get a hearing directly with the CAS?

Will the USADA hold it here?

Will it be open?

Who will sit in judgment of our hero?

Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion to the Floyd Landis story.

In a style reminiscent of the old radio serials, Trust But Verify (TBV) is really creating a buzz with the most recent developments in the Floyd Landis hearing. Apparently, the USADA did what any political body does with a charged issue, they tried to pass it off. In a series of faxes outlined at TBV, the USADA and AAA suggested to Floyd that he should go straight to the CAS, not pass USADA and not collect his $200. Floyd said OK but they use your rules, not theirs and the deal is final and in writing.

It now seems that the USADA might be having second thoughts. The question on everyone’s lips is “Will they or won’t they?”

And I remember someone saying this would be a quiet period.