USADA and UCI joined at the hip

In a story on the comprehensive site for the Floyd Landis case, Trust but Verify, came a disturbing quote.

First, let me give you some perspective on my part. I have said before that we should follow the process and work forwards from the evidence rather than backwards from a conclusion. If done right, then I will accept whatever comes. Punish or praise, no matter who is involved. I have also said that I don’t know Floyd personally so I can’t say what he would do when given the choice of letting the Tour de France slip away or cheating. Therefore, I want a fair process so I can know if he has had an opportunity to present his side of the story.

I feel that he is being railroaded into a predetermined conclusion that is more politically based than fact based. This has given me cause to believe Floyd’sstory because you don’t railroad someone if you have truth and evidence on your side.

That said, the quote that disturbs me is from the USADA:

“please consider this the only response to your requests that you sent to both the USADA and the UCI.”

Does this mean the USADA is working with the UCI? If so, I have grave doubts that the outcome will be fair.


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