Is Lance a mere mortal?

Remember the first time Michael Jordan retired? He wanted to try baseball. Well he did and he was better than most people by making it to the minor leagues. But he wasn’t Michael Jordan. He was human.

Today, Lance returned to his triathalon days by running. He ran the New York Marathon. He did better than most finishing in under three hours (2:59:36) but a very human fifty minutes behind the winner Marilson Gomes dos Santos of Brazil who won in 2:09:58.

Lance even gave a very human press conference by saying:

“In 20 years of pro sports and endurance sports, even the worst days on the Tour, nothing felt like that or left me the way I feel now.”

Then again, do humans who enter the NYC Marathon have a number like his running with Alberto Salazar off his right shoulder?


In other NYC Marathon news, Endless Cycle Favorite, Martin Dugard finished in 3:35:32. Congratulations!


4 Responses to Is Lance a mere mortal?

  1. Fred says:

    But how many other marathon runners have a “Discovery Team” supporting them as they run. Alberto Salazar, 3-time NYC winner, German Silva, 2-time NYC winner, Joan Benoit Samuelson, 2-time Boston and 1984 Olympic champ, & Hicham el-Guerrouji, Olympic 1,500 and 5,000 meter champ, were his domestiques – fetching drinks and goodies, shooing runners in front of him out of the way, pacing and offering encouragement and advice throughout the race. Lance turned this into a team event, not an individual accomplishment. He reached his goal of coming in under 3 hours, but that accomplishment can not be compared to all the other runners who had to run 26.2 miles on their own.

  2. pelotonjim says:

    The Nike hall of fame came out to help Lance get under 3 hours. Helps with the 10//2 sales. Having this type of help makes a 2:59 even more mortal sounding. I don’t know what percentile that puts him in for marathon running but in my day, that wasn’t enough to qualify for Boston.

  3. suthsc says:

    The current fastest qualifying time for men is 3:10 for the 35 and under age group. Having run a number of marathons, but being nothing special athletically, I have significant respect for those running sub 3s.

    New York is also a very large marathon. His finish was ~850 for the NYM, but in a entry caped event like the Twin Cities Marathon his time would have placed him ~150th out of the 8K+ entrants. I wouldn’t expect Armstrong to compete for the win in a marathon any more then I would expect a marathoner to compete for the win in the TdF. These sports are just to specialized to cross over.

  4. pelotonjim says:

    Well said. That’s why I keep coming back to Michael Jordan. When he tried to play baseball, he made it to the minor leagues. Virtually all of America could never aspire to even that level. But to see Michael “fail” to make it to the top in this different sport made him more human to me. To me, that is a good thing. And I use the term ‘fail’ in the loosest manner possible.

    I believe showing a mortal side allows for another connection to his fans. Just like in 2003 when he showed his mortal side during the Tour.

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