Remember, never attend a UCI meeting at high noon.

I’ve been wondering if the UCI headquarters should move from their current location in Aigle Switzerland to a more appropriate location like Tombstone, Arizona.

It seems that there is a fight brewing. I’ve been posting on the whole Astana mess between current management and license owner Active Bay. On Monday, I also mentioned that a new team was forming on the horizon that was well funded and looking to recruit a couple of cycling outlaws Tyler Hamilton and Jan Ullrich.

On that last point, it seems that Tinkoff Credit Systems owner, Oleg Tinkov, is looking to bring on another outlaw gunfighter, Danilo Hondo. I can’t think that a smart man like Tinkov would assemble a team such as this without a plan for the inevitable confrontation. That many gunfighters in a room playing cards can’t have a peaceful outcome. Especially against men with a hair trigger like Dick Pound and Pat McQuaid. My question is who will end up in Boothill?


Note to Pat McQuaid and Dick Pound. Heed this quote:

“There ain’t many tears shed at a Boot Hill Buryin’, and it is full of fellers that pulled their triggers before aimin’. “


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